World-changing visions fall from painters' brushes, songwriters' pencils, poets' pens, sculptors' chisels, novelists' keys, guitarists' strings, graff-writers' spray cans on a daily basis.

But creative visions alone do not change the world. Artists must be able to accurately, eloquently, and sensitively impart those world-changing creative visions to someone else. That dialogue, that person-to-person communication is where so many artists flounder. 

Artists who master intrapersonal (within themselves) and interpersonal (with other people) communication and apply it to their art can drastically change their communities.  These artist-activist-entrepreneurs then become creative visionaries.

Conversing Fire teaches creative visionaries (like you!) how to clarify their visions, fire up committed followers, and empower those followers to change the world.


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Check out Kindling, Conversing Fire's blog, for actionable tips on communicating your passionate visions so clearly and effectively that they change the world.

When SELF-KNOWLEDGE is expressed through MULTISENSORY CREATIVITY and shared through INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION, it can EMPOWER A MOVEMENT that changes the world.

Follow the Kindling blog for anecdotes and advice that corresponds to each of those phases.  Specific posts include:

Being Present & Having Presence Pt 1. & Pt. 25 ways to prove you are trustworthy -- not trusted Stop giving so much... to others / It's time to stop setting goals and start growing flowersKeeping a Beginner's Mind / Approaching the blank canvas / Sharing a Transformative Moment 

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This opportunity to develop supportive relationships with like-minded creative visionaries is integral for sharpening your communication skills and receiving accountability as you push your creative boundaries. 

Share your thoughts with us about the creative process.  You are also encouraged to request feedback from this tender and constructive group about your fiery creative visions and the steps you are taking to inspire others.

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