Conversing Fire teaches creative beings like you how to connect to your body and then from that innate wisdom create art that changes the world.


Spark your imagination with musings on the connections between body, art, and power.

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Rev up your creative fire by rooting down into your body.

The yoga classes that Catherine teaches in Durham and Raleigh focus on getting into your bones and relieving your aches and pains. By rooting down in your body, it is easier to hear your intuition, tap your creative power, and make clearer decisions. 

These classes are not designed to "make you sweat" or "exercise." Come prepared be easy and allow the energy of the room to hold you up for a while. Children, partners, and friends are absolutely welcome. 


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Editing & Design Services

With over 25 combined years of experience in as artist-entrepreneurs and community organizers, Catherine and Niki assist artists, healers, and social entrepreneurs in clarifying their biggest personal and professional dream projects -- and then show them how to bring those projects into reality with clarity and confidence. Learn more here!


Other Creative Projects

During a four month artist residency at Golden Belt Studios in Durham, Catherine simultaneously painted 13 representatives of the "sacred feminine" from a wide range of cultures to explore the commonalities underneath these specific cultural symbols — and to see what new guidance she could implement into her own life.