Conversing Fire teaches creative beings like you how to connect to your body and from that innate wisdom, create art that changes the world.

Spark your imagination with musings on the relationship between your body and your art as well as how deeply your artwork can challenge and inspire others.

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Deepen your impact with these resources for concocting and sustaining your world-changing creative endeavors.

Deepen your creative explorations with these free e-magazines that blend lyrical written content with bright colors and bold designs. The interdisciplinary design heightens our neurological capacity to absorb insights about how to change the world through art and then translate those insights into personal experience.


Change the world.

Use your art, your music, your voice, your body, your passion. Every day. Always. Even when it's scary. Even when it's inconvenient. Use it all. Because we all need the creative visions that only you have.

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