Conversing Fire teaches artists like you how to connect to your body and, from that innate wisdom, create art that changes the world.


When embodied self-knowledge is expressed through art that engages all the senses -- and then that art is shared with empathy -- all that innate creative wisdom can empower social justice movements that change the world.

And we all know the world needs a little bit more beauty and compassion than it has now.


How? Well, let's start...

by checking out Conversing Fire's blog for inspiration-sparking prompts on Self-KnowledgeMultisensory CreativityInterpersonal Communication, and Empowering a Movement.

Finally, pull it all together by practicing...

what you've learned with other artists. Attend a get-together or connect with us via Conversing Fire's social media platforms.

Change the world.

Use your art, your music, your voice, your body, your passion. Every day. Always. In every way possible. Use it all. Because we all need the creative visions that only you have.